What does Tvoje.Fitness easily solve?

Helps earn more

Get the most out of the least-selling and most visited hours

Saves costs

No overly high installation fees. Installation and training is completely free

GDPR ready

Thanks to the ease of deployment of the GDPR, you have a lot to worry about

Checks staff

Thanks to smooth logos and daily reports, you don't have to worry about the difference in the cash desk


For whom it is intended?

For anyone who wants to start their business to the maximum. Tvoje.Fitness software will provide you with the carefree run of your gym, fitness center or any other sports center.

  • Fitness center
  • Gym
  • Solarium
  • Book Club
  • Tennis Center
  • Squash
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton
  • Training Center
  • Karate club
  • Sports area
  • Dance Club

All in one

Compatible with every PC, tablet or smartphone. You'll save hundreds of euros on special equipment and get an overview of your business anywhere in the world. Get the best comfort right from the start.



With cashier, terminal but without them

It is up to you how to set up your system. Statistics and daily sales reports will be available to you with or without a cash desk. and free of charge.

The properties of Tvoje.Fitness

All features in one place, no extra cost


The ticket system motivates your clients to exercise more and enter different rooms.

Customized design

Suitable for PC, Mac, Tablet and mobile. No special equipment required.

Warehouse management

Warehouse management with detailed product sales statistics.

Training module

Managing trainers and clients they practice with. A detailed look at their activity.


Detailed sales, traffic, coaches, rooms and TOP clients statistics.


Everything is being recorded, you don't have to worry about the dubious actions of employees in the system.


Opportunity to reach clients with special offers or end-of-membership information

Gymlog module

Automatic recording of client workouts, which the client can self-evaluate.

Strategic management

A detailed view of the center's utilization, the most visited hours and sales success.


One card rules everyone. They won't need a credit card with your membership card.

Client Zone

Each client has information about their purchases and the duration of membership through the app.


Technical support and training of your employees available for free at your facility.

Specials to improve your business

Years of direct sales experience helps us develop the features that save you on running your staff generating higher profits

Helps focus on profit

Monitor every detail for you

With one click you get an analysis of when you have the most and least visitors, so you can adjust opening hours and save on staff costs. With product sales statistics, you can focus on the most popular products and skip the least.

Covers your back

Minor bugs when working with cash and higher profits

Imagine knowing which employee earns you the most and the least. Employee statistics will help you keep those who deserve their pay. We understand the work of staff with cash. However, you don't have to worry, the software records every detail your employees will do the system. Moreover, inventory is extremely simple.

Checks the quality of the workouts

You always have an overview of who and when

No more manual trainings, infinite mistakes and workout corrections. Trainers, as well as clients, have their own access card to record specific member training.

A full-fledged reservation system

Whether a client arrives or not, you always make money

With the help of cancellation fees you can penalize participants who report to the exercises and do not lose. You will not lose the euro on your profits.

We'll build you a customized package

Dozens of satisfied clients

We've already helped dozens of clients, so we understand that everyone is different. You can choose from default packages or we can build a customized package. Of course, a complete installation of hardware and software is free.

Affordable price

don't pay tens of thousands of euros for tailor-made system development. Tvoje.Fitness is available to a small gym as well as a large fitness center



  • 6 add-ons included
  • Evidence and management of members
  • Passes
  • Product sales
  • Warehouse management
  • 20 members
  • 10 products

19 €/mo

39 €/mo

  • 8 add-ons included
  • Evidence and management of members
  • Passes
  • Product sales
  • Warehouse management
  • Evidence of wardrobes / lockers

69 €/mo

99 €/mo

  • 21 add-ons included
  • Advance account - credit
  • eKasa connection
  • Business inteligence
  • Booking system
  • Daily data backups
  • Regular updates

119 €/mo

149 €/mo

  • 32 add-ons included
  • KIOSK module
  • Website
  • Language mutations
  • Member Zone
  • Marketing
  • API - (connect to turnstile, iOS, Android)

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